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new & used bike sales


“What you get for your money”

Our prices are a little higher than in consignment stores or pawn shops because our bikes are refurbished and guaranteed. We think it’s worth the extra expense to start with a good reliable bike, rather than paying lots for unexpected repairs later. If you simply need the cheapest bike possible and you don’t care about reliability, or if you are looking for a fixer-upper, there are various places in the city which sell bikes ‘as is’.

Our selection is based on availability and we may not have bikes in all price ranges at a given time.

Under $100
Suitable for on-campus, flat-land, short distance riding only. Singlespeeds, department store bikes with lots of plastic parts, old cruisers that are cute but hard to ride. Will have steel wheels that don't stop well in wet weather.

Suitable for short (under 10km) daily commutes or light recreational weekend riding. Old ten speeds, heavy but sturdy mountain bikes. Will have aluminum wheels for safe braking in wet weather.

Suitable for longer (up to 30km) daily commutes and moderate weekend riding (light trails or short tours). Will likely have fancy index shifting and nice brakes, and maybe a comfy anatomic saddle.

These are seriously nice bikes. Suitable for heavy daily commuting, bike couriering, long distance loaded touring, and generally living to ride. Likely to have high quality brand name steel frames, hand built wheels, and generally high quality components.