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new & used bike sales



Our used bikes are generously donated by the community. We lovingly refurbish them, often spending a full day on each bike and installing as many new parts as necessary to make our bikes safe and fun to ride. Because we rely on donations, we can’t control what selection of bikes we will have on hand at any given time.

We specialize in stocking used parts and accessories. Like our used bikes, our selection is always changing but we try to hold onto any part that still has use. Reusing parts helps to reduce waste and keeps repair costs down.

We also have a selection of new parts and accessories for sale, and we can also special order a wide variety of parts if you don’t see them on our shelves.


UBC students get a 10% discount on new parts and used bikes.

Other things to know about our used bikes:

All our bikes come with a one month warranty. If anything goes wrong in the first month just bring it back and we'll fix it for free.

If you buy a bike from us, bring it back when you're done with it and we'll give you half your money back (as long as you took care of it). If it needs repairs, we'll split the cost with you and deduct your share from your buyback amount. So, for instance, say you buy a $200 bike. The buyback value is $100. When you bring it back it needs $20 worth of repairs. We deduct half the repair cost from your buyback value, leaving you with $90.

This is a particularly good deal for international students and other people who only need a bike for a month or two. If you buy it for $200 and sell it back for $100 after three months, it basically costs you about $1 per day to use a bike!