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Monthly Archives: July 2013

our buddy ricky. representin

johnty & hahanna reunited!

this is johnty, with his kona hahanna. it was stolen from his parking garage. a couple days later somebody came into the bike kitchen with a kona hahanna with a broken chain. one of the bk staff recognized it as … Continue reading

intro mechanics workshop

want to learn about bike mechanics?!? the ams bike coop is offering a four week course to give folks an overview of bike mechanics. the course is taught by a professional bike mechanic from the bike kitchen! get more info … Continue reading

lucia’s back at the bk

lucia worked at the bike kitchen. then she went away. then she came back! we’re happy she’s back! you should be too!

Fresh Ride

This tall frame Univega is a good example of a project bike done right.  Every piece of this bike (except the wheels) was taken from the parts bins here at the shop.  The trick to making it come together so … Continue reading