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BIKE!BIKE! is an annual north american conference organized by and for not-for-profit community bicycle projects and their allies is going to be held here in Vancouver this June!

There are a few organizations (PEDAL for example) and many individuals that are getting together to organize and host this empowering radical event for around 200 people from out of town. To keep this even fun, grassroots and accessible, we are looking for a few things that maybe you can help us out with. Here’s our wishlist:

-stoked folks, as many as possible, to make a dream team of volunteers. No skills required, but if you’re good at something, that’s sweet. if you’re good at aquiring free food, let’s scavenge together. Like to cook? Let’s stew up a delicious storm the weekend of the conference for the masses. If you can fix bikes, maybe you could come to a bike building work party to get those loaner bikes rolling smoothly.

-gently used bikes, preferably close to being rideable. To get around this lovely city of ours, conference goers need some wheels, and it would be a bit silly if it wasn’t a bike that was provided. Using donations from PEDAL and the Bike Kitchen, we’ll be having work parties to fix them up and make em safe. After the conference the bikes will be redistributed to people in the community in need of

-food stuffs, the edible kind. We’re going to be feeding many hungry mouths and hopefully we can do so with healthy fare that’s cheap or free. Do you have a hookup with a food distro? Know of any good dumpsters? What about preserves? Everybody loves jam, right?

-home stays, happy healthy places to rest weary heads. Everyone attending the conference from out of town will be staying at houses around the city. Do you have a spare bed, couch or nice section of floor that someone could roll out a thermarest for a few nights? What about a back yard with a bit of grass on which to pitch a wee tent?

Can you help out with any of these things? Or is there some other way you want to support this awesome event? Please sign up at the shop or email us your name, contact info (phone/email) and whatever you can help out with.

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