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Helpful Bike Facts

Hey everyone,

Welcome back to school! We’re all here at the shop on the long weekend, building bikes and generally preparing like crazy for the week of madness that is about to descend upon us.

For those of you who are new to campus, new to Vancouver, or just new to cycling, here’s a few basics for getting set up to ride this year.


You can purchase fully refurbished and guaranteed used bike from The Bike Kitchen. Used bikes have an advantage over new ones in that they can have higher quality parts on them, but still be affordable, just because they’ve already seen some riding. We get donations of used bikes and build them back up with both new and used parts so they can enjoy a new lease on life, and so you can enjoy riding them!

We build bikes as fast as we can, but sometimes the demand exceeds the amount of time we have. We can’t take a wait list for our refurbished bikes, so if we don’t have the bike for you today, keep checking in, we’re always building!

All our bikes range from $100 to $500.

Our buy-back policy: any bike over $100 that you buy from The Bike Kitchen, we will buy back from you for half the price you paid minus half the cost of repairs.

Our Warranty: any bike over $100 that you buy from The Bike Kitchen comes with a 1 month warranty for any problems that come up as a result of the bike’s construction.

We do not sell new bikes, buy bikes, or do trades.


There is one other shop in town which refurbishes used bikes Our Community Bikes. They are located at Main Street and 17th Ave.

When buying from other shops, or buying a used bike online, be sure you know what you’re getting! There are lots of places/people who don’t put work into their bikes before selling them. This is also true of big box stores that sell cheep new bikes. If you’re not sure a bike is in good shape, but want to buy it anyways, be ready to put some money and/or time into fixing it up. Which leads us to…


At The Bike Kitchen, you can use the space and tools for $7.50/hour. You will teach you how to fix your bike for $15/hour. You can also drop off your bike for us to fix, and usually we can get it back to you the same day.


Bike theft is a big problem on campus. It’s important to keep your bike locked up at all times. The most secure kind of lock is a U lock placed around the front wheel and frame of your bicycle.

There are also secure bike parking cages for students located around campus. To get a code for the cages, come to The Bike Kitchen with your student ID.

Private bike lockers can also be rented from The Bike Kitchen for $10/month. However, demand is high and we don’t always have lockers free. Call or drop by to check on availability.


BC law requires helmets to be worn at all times when riding a bike. It’s also a generally good idea. Helmets should fit snugly around the head and be worn low enough to provide forehead protection. Helmets that have been worn during a crash may be compromised and should be discarded.


No bike experience is necessary to volunteer with us!

Volunteer nights are Tuesdays, 6pm to 9pm. You can come in and learn how to fix bike by helping to maintain the campus community bike fleet (the Purple and Yellow bikes). After 6 hours of volunteering, you also get a key to the fleet, so you can ride the P&Y bikes around campus. After another 6 hours, you get a free membership to the UBC Bike Co-op

If Tuesdays don’t work for you, you can arrange times to come in during regular hours and volunteer to help us out around the shop.

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